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15cwt platoon truck with troops

Bv1301 vehicle
15 cwt truck + AA bren gun

Bv671 15 cwt truck + AA bren gun
25mm A/T gun Porte

Bv851 vehicle
4.2 inch mortar trailer

The 4.2 inch mortar was carried in specially designed trailers and towed by the Loyd carrier.

Note. Only trailer, Lloyd carrier not included.

Bv213 trailers
6lb GMC porte A/T Gun

Just released
Bv1281 vehicle

A10 Cruiser tanks equipped armoured regiments of the 1st Armoured division in France 1940 and in early in desert battles.

Bv221 vehicle
A13 Cruiser

A13 Cruiser tanks equipped armoured regiments of the 1st Armoured division in France 1940 and in early in desert battles.

Bv311 vehicle

A9 Cruiser tanks equipped armoured regiments of the 1st Armoured division notably the 3rd RTR in France 1940 . They were also used in the Greek campaign and in the early in desert battles.

Bv281 vehicle
Achilles IIc

The Achilles was a British adaptation of the American M10 tank destroyer rearmed with the potent 17lb anti tank gun. Issued to the anti tank regiments of Armoured Divisions from early 1944 in time for the Normandy invasion.


Bv441 vehicle
AEC armoured car Mk2

Bv741 vehicle
AEC Command Truck

Model made in Resin.

Bv811 resin vehicle
AEC Matador Gun Tractor

Bv51 vehicle

The Archer 17lb SP was a potent anti tank weapon issued to anti tank regiments of Infantry Divisions at a level of one troop per battery from late 1944 onwards both in Northern Europe and Italy.

Bv401 vehicle
Artillery Spotters truck

Bv1261 vehicle
Bedford OY 3 ton truck

The Bedford OY truck far the most popular and well known vehicle in the 3 ton class. Adapted for military use in 1939 it was based on the civilian Bedford  OL model fitted with a simplified sloping bonnet and flat front. Used on all fronts through.. Read more here.

Bv481 vehicle
Bedford QL truck

The Bedford QL was in production from 1941 to 1945 with over 52,000 made in total. Used for various applications from general cargo to troop carrying. Some versions were also fitted with special bodies and used as radio trucks and  40mm Bofors tra.. Read more here.

Bv491 vehicle
Bedford WL 3 ton truck

Bedford WL 3 ton truck based on a commercial prewar design was extensively used by the BEF to transport troops to and from the front line. Although commonly seen in early war propaganda photographs laden with cheerful "Tommies" waving for the cameras,&.. Read more here.

Bv581 vehicle with passengers
Bishop SP

The Bishop was the result of the need for a HE gun that was able accompany armored units to shell to Axis anti tank gun lines and enemy strong points. The vehicle was based on a Valentine tank chassis and was armed with the 25lb gun howitzer. It was seen .. Read more here.

Bv381 vehicle
Bren Carrier FOO

Armoured observation post carrier Mk III was issued to Field artillery regiments one per battery. The model was equipped with field phone cable reels and a ladder for reaching cables on poles.

The Pithead version a.. Read more here.

Bv161 vehicle with crew
Bren Carrier Motor Battalion MMG

This version of the Universal carrier was used by Independent Machine Gun Companies attached to Motor Battalions of Armoured Divisions.

Bv141 vehicle with crew
Bren Carrier Transporting MMG

A Universal carrier was used for transporting Vickers machine gun sections of Machine Gun Battalions supporting infantry Divisions.

Bv151 vehicle with crew
Bren Carrier with 3 inch Mortar

Used bythe Mortar sections of Rifle companies within Infantry Divisions for transporting 3 inch mortars.

The Pithead model has a mortar tube mounted across the rear of the vehicle and onboard ammunition.
.. Read more here.

Bv171 vehicle with crew
Bren Infantry Section Carrier

Universal carrier infantry section. A platoon of 13 carriers was attached to each Infantry battalion. They were used as a rapid reaction force to deploy to trouble spots or to seize objectives. These vehicles were also used in Motor companies of Armoured .. Read more here.

Bv181 vehicle with crew
British Bedford QLR radio truck

Bv781 vehicle
British Despatch rider x 3

Bv713 riders
British Honey light tank

Limited availability

Bv701 vehicle
British staff cars

Bv762 vehicles
Canadian Armoured Truck

Bv1001 vehicle
Canadian Otter LRC

Bv991 vehicle
Carrier .30 cal mount

Bv791 vehicle

The Challenger 17 lb gun tank was used to equip Cromwell armed Reconnaissance Regiments of Armoured Divisions at one tank per troop from August 1944 onwards.

Bv431 vehicle
Cheverolet 15 cwt AA truck

Bv1121 vehicle
Chevy truck 15 cwt

Just released
Bv1291 vehicle
Churchill III 6lb gun

Bv1041 vehicle
Churchill NA 75 mm

Bv1051 vehicle
Churchill V 95mm CS

Bv1081 vehicle
Churchill VI

Churchill VI was a heavily armoured infantry support tank that equipped independent armoured Brigades used in support of Divisional infantry attacks . This vehicle was the most common version of the Churchill used by these units and is recognisable by its.. Read more here.

Bv1061 vehicle
Churchill VII Crocodile

Bv1111 vehicle
Churchill VII gun tank

Bv1101 vehicle
CMP 3 ton truck

The CMP (Canadian Military Pattern)  truck  was used extensively by the British and Canadian forces as general purpose transport throughout WW2 . This model is the later design used from around 1942 until the end of the war. With looks that only.. Read more here.

Bv521 vehicle
Comet Mk 1 early version B

Bv1191 vehicle

The Cromwell IV cruiser tank was issued to the Armoured Reconnaissance Regiments of British an Polish Armoured Divisions. It was fitted with a British 75mm gun and the armour protection was similar to the Sherman but with a higher top speed that befitted .. Read more here.

Bv231 vehicle
Cromwell 95mm CS

Cromwell VI CS (close support version) was an ordinary Cromwell fitted with a short 95mm howitzer for infantry support.

Bv241 vehicle
Crusader AA

The Crusader AA tank armed saw service In Normandy and was used to equip the anti aircraft troops of armored regiments. The design made use of surplus Crusader hulls, the sand shields were removed and they were fitted with a turret mounting twin Oerlikon .. Read more here.

Bv351 vehicle
Crusader Mk I

A15 Crusader 1 cruiser tank series first saw combat in operation “Battleaxe” in 1941. The tank was fast but lightly armoured and its 2 lb gun was unable to fire a HE round which was a big handicap when engaging anti tank guns. In its production .. Read more here.

Bv331 vehicle
Crusader Mk III

The Crusader III was the first tank to be fitted with the 6lb antitank gun and saw service at the second battle of El Alamein. The larger gun restricted the space in the turret so the crew was reduced from 4 to 3 men. Despite the fact the tanks armour was.. Read more here.

Bv341 vehicle
Daimler Dingo

The  Daimler Dingo scout car was used as a liaison vehicle throughout the war although this particular model is the late war version . One of these maneuverable little vehicles was used on a daring reconnaissance mission behind German lines in 1944 t.. Read more here.

Bv472 vehicles
Daimler Mk 1 A/C

Armed with a 2lb high velocity  gun and Besa machine gun, the Daimler first saw action in North Africa with the 11th Hussars.  It was widely used in North West Europe, Italy and North Africa .  Produced  from 1942 onwards the vehicle w.. Read more here.

Bv531 vehicle
Dragon Mk3 + 18lb gun

Bv651 vehicle + 1 gun
Early war 15cwt platoon truck

The early war British 15cwt truck was an open cab design with an aero windscreen. It was produced in large numbers by Morris, Bedford and Fordson and used from 1940 up to around 1942 on all fronts.  Huge numbers of these vehicles were left abandoned .. Read more here.

Bv501 vehicle
Firefly Hybrid

Similar to the Sherman Firefly V but utilising an M4A1 cast hull chassis. Issued to Sherman equipped British independent Armoured Brigades at one per troop.

Bv131 vehicle
Firefly VC

Model shown with optional detailing kit

Sherman Firefly V was a British adaptation of the M4A4 fitted with the potent 17lb gun. This model was rushed into service in time for the Normandy invasion to counter German heavy tank mode.. Read more here.

Bv121 vehicle
Ford 8cwt PU radio truck

Resin model

Bv1311 vehicle (resin)
Ford Woodie Wagon staff car

Bv1031 vehicle
GMC 30cwt truck

Bv861 vehicle

The M3 Grant tank was produced by the Americans to a British specification that stated it should be armed with a gun capable of firing a HE shell. The resultant sponson mounted gun design was not pretty but in the short term proved effective enough and ma.. Read more here.

Bv411 vehicle

Humber Scout Car Mk 1 was used operationally as a liaison and reconnaissance vehicle in armoured units from 1944 onwards.

Bv71 vehicle
Humber 4x4 utility Box

Humber 4x4 utility affectionately known as the "Box" was  the likely predecessor to the modern day Range Rover . Served on all fronts from 1940 onwards.

Bv621 vehicle
Humber Early war 8cwt PU radio truck

Resin model

Bv31 vehicle (resin)
Humber Mk II

Produced in 1941 served  in reconnaissance  units of  the Western Desert and Italy.    Three man crew: driver, gunner, commander armed with one 15 mm and one 7.92 mm calibre Besa machine gun. About 440 units built..

Bv541 vehicle
Humber MkIII LRC

Bv961 vehicle
Humber Mk IV

Produced  from 1942 , served with reconnaissance  units  in North West Europe and Italy. Three man crew: driver, gunner, commander armed with a US 37mm gun . About 2,000 units built.

Bv551 vehicle
India Pattern wheeled carrier

Bv971 vehicle
Jeep with canvas roof

The ubiquitous US Jeep was widely used as a command and liaison vehicle in all types of unit.

Av261 vehicle
Bv11 vehicle
Late war 15cwt platoon truck

The late war British 15cwt truck was improved by adding an all weather canvas cab, it was produced in large numbers by Morris, Bedford and Fordson and used from 1942 until the end of the war on all fronts. The vehicle was used as light transport or as a p.. Read more here.

Bv511 vehicle
Late war 15cwt Radio truck

Late war 15cwt Radio truck Bedford  MWR with a covered cabin served in Italy and NW Europe.

Bv571 vehicle
Light dragon Mk2 + 2lb gun

Bv641 vehicle + 1 gun
Lloyd carrier

The Loyd carrier was used to tow the 6lb anti tank gun issued to infantry Battalion anti tank Platoons. The vehicle was also used to tow the 4.2 inch mortar trailer in the mortar sections of the Medium Machine Gun Companies attached to Infantry Divisions... Read more here.

Bv201 vehicle with crew
M10 tank Destoyer

The M10 tank destroyer was built as the result of a strange American tactical concept that held tanks would not be called on to fight other tanks so would not require anti tank guns. A number of these vehicles were supplied to the British 3rd and 50th inf.. Read more here.

Bv461 vehicle
M3 Halftrack

American produced Halftrack armoured personnel carrier was issued to Motor battalions of Armoured Divisions 1944. Unlike US units, British vehicles were not fitted with a 50 cal HMG.

Bv21 vehicle with passengers

M4 Sherman tank was used in the Western desert during the battle of El Alamain and in The Italian campaign of 1943. Recognisable by its lack of open air vents on its engine deck. This model was also used to equip independent armoured brigades in North Wes.. Read more here.

Bv81 vehicle

Pictures shows model with optional detailing kit.

M4A1 Sherman tank was used in the Western desert during the battle of El Alamain and in The Italian campaign of 1943. Recognisable by rounded its cast hull. This model was also use.. Read more here.

Bv91 vehicle

M4A2 Sherman tank was used in the Western desert during the battle of El Alamain and in The Italian campaign of 1943. Powered by a Diesel engine, this tank equipped independent armoured brigades in North West Europe.

Bv101 vehicle

Model shown with optional detailing kit

M4A4 Sherman tank was a stretched version of the M4 tank, having greater spacing between its bogey sets than previous models so that a longer engine could be accomodated. The A4 version was .. Read more here.

Bv111 vehicle
M4 fitted with sandshields

Bv631 vehicle
M7 Priest

Ninety M7 Priests were supplied to the British army in North Africa in time for the second battle of El Alamein . They later served in the Italian campaign until they were replaced by the Canadian built Sexton in 1944. The vehicles were issued to artiller.. Read more here.

Bv391 vehicle
Marmon Herrington 47mm

Bv821 vehicle
Marmon Herrington Breda

Bv831 vehicle
Marmon Herrington Mk2 A/C

Bv751 vehicle
Matilda 1

Matilda 1 was a heavily armoured lightly armed tank that was famously used by the RTR in the Arras counter attack in 1940.

Bv291 vehicle
Matilda 2

Matilda 2 , heavily armoured for its day but a lightly armed tank used by the 7th RTR in France 1940 and in the campaigns in North Africa.

Bv301 vehicle
MG Carrier

Ten of these Machine Gun (Bren) Carriers were supplied to each Infantry Battalion organised in 3 sections plus one HQ carrier . Each section had three carriers transporting 3 men, two with Bren guns while the third carried a Boyes anti tank rifle. Used in.. Read more here.

Bv261 vehicle with crew
MkVI B Light tank + sandskirts

Bv1161 vehicle
MkVI C Light tank + sandskirts

Bv1171 vehicle
Morris Bofors SP/ AA

Bv691 vehicle
Morris Light armoured car

Bv951 vehicle
Porte 2lb anti tank gun

Bv451 gun with crew
Quad Mk2 limber 18/25lb

This  was  the main Field artillery equipment used by British forces in France 1940. Following the fall of France it was replaced by the 25lb gun in all field artillery regiments as soon as  the guns became available.


Bv61Quad, limber and gun
Quad Mk2 limber 25lb Mk2

The ubiquitous  Quad was the Standard Field artillery tractor of the British Army serving throughout the war  on all fronts from France to Hamburg. This is the Mk 2 tractor with the metal roof towing the earlier.
25lb Mk2 without a  muzz.. Read more here.

Bv59Quad, limber and gun
Quad Mk3 limber 25lb Mk3

The  Mk3 25lb field gun  was fitted with a muzzle brake intended to reduce the strain on the carriage when firing supercharged rounds . It was introduced  during the second half of the war and served in Europe and Italy, towed here by the l.. Read more here.

Bv60Quad, limber and gun
Ram Kangaroo

The vehicle based was based on a turretless Ram tank . It was inspired by Canadian General Simonds use of defrocked Priest personnel carriers in “Operation Totalise” August 1944. Over a hundred Kangaroos were issued to the 1st Canadian armoured .. Read more here.

Bv61 vehicle
Ram Sexton

A successful adaptation of the Canadian Ram tank chassis mounting a 25lb Howitzer. Issued to Artillery Regiments of armoured divisions from 1944.

Bv41 vehicle
Recce Turretless Stuart M5

Bv841 vehicle
Rolls Royce A/C open top

Bv931 vehicle
Rolls Royce A/C Turret

Bv941 vehicle
Sawn off Daimler

Bv1241 vehicle
Scout Carrier

Scout carrier used in conjunction with the Vickers Light Tank in the Reconnaissance role in France 1940 and in the early Desert battles . The vehicle is recognisable by its longer square crew section sited on the right hand side.

Bv251 vehicle with crew
Sherman 105mm

Bv911 vehicle
Sherman crab

Bv891 vehicle
Sherman dozer

Bv901 vehicle

The Staghound , although US built  it only served with commonwealth forces. Armed with a 37mm gun it was originally intended for desert use but was introduced too late so served in  Europe but its size proved a liability. A total of 2,844 were b.. Read more here.

Bv561 vehicle
Staghound AA

Bv721 vehicle
Stuart M3A3 light recce tank

Bv1201 vehicle
Stuart M3A3 Turretless

Bv1211 vehicle
Stuart M5 light tank

Bv681 vehicle
Valentine Mk II

The Valentine II first saw combat during “Operation Crusader. It was extensively used in the North African campaign and had the reputation of a reliable and well protected vehicle. However, the Mk II shared the common weakness of the British tanks of.. Read more here.

Bv361 vehicle
Valentine Mk X

The Valentine X tank was armed with a 6lb anti tank gun . It served in the North African campaign until the end of the desert battles by which time it was being replaced by more improved tanks. Many Canadian built versions were exported to Russia where th.. Read more here.

Bv371 vehicle
Vickers MkII Besa AA tank

Bv1181 vehicle
Vickers MkVI

Vickers Mk VI light tank used by Reconnaissance Regiments in France 1940 and in the early desert battles.

Bv321 vehicle

The Wasp MkIIc was a Canadian adaptation of the Universal carrier equipped with a flame thrower. It was issued to Medium Machine Gun support companies in the 21st Army Group during the latter stages of the war and proved very effective in evicting enemy t.. Read more here.

Bv271 vehicle with crew
White M3A1 scout car

White scout car served in the late war British army in the recconaisance companies , as command post and  an artillery observers vehicle.

Bv191 vehicle