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18/25lb gun box trail BEF

The 18/25lb gun  mounted on the Mk IVP box carriage . This gun was an adaptation of a 18lb  field gun, the  barrel was rebored to accept the new 25lb ammunition and it was mounted on a carriage fitted with pneumatic tyres suitable  .. Read more here.

B131 gun with crew of 4
25lb Limbers x 2 (open doors)

Bv1272 x limber
25lb Mk2 gun Mid war

The 25lb gun howitzer Mk2, served in British Field artillery regiments from late 1940 to about 1943. The gun had a high rate of fire and a useful range which arguably made it the most successful field piece of WW2 . The carriage was mounted for firing .. Read more here.

B111 gun + crew only
25lb Mk3 late late war

The 25lb gun howitzer Mk3, identifiable by the muzzle brake fitted to the barrel  designed to reduce the shock transmitted to the carriage  when firi.. Read more here.

B121 gun with crew of 4
2lb anti tank gun

The 2lb anti tank gun was the standard anti tank weapon in British service during the first half of the war. They were in short supply in France 1940 so were supplemented with French produced 25mm anti tank guns during the battle of France. Despite the.. Read more here.

B92 guns with crew of 3 each
40mm Bofors AA gun + crew

Produced under license from Bofors, this successful Swedish design Anti Aircraft  gun was extensively used by the British army throughout  WW2 on all fronts.

B101 gun + crew
4.2 inch mortar

The 4.2 inch mortars were under the command of the Medium Machine Gun Battalion which had a single company of these weapons organised in 4 platoons each containing 4 mortars . The mortars were transported in trailers towed by Loyd carriers and used to sup.. Read more here.

B42 mortars with 3 crew each
5.5 inch Medium Howitzer

B211 gun + crew
8th army

The Famous 8th Army gave us some of the most interesting campaigns of WW2 , From 1940 to 1943 the British fought battles across the Western Desert of North Africa, first against the Italians then the Italians and the German Africa Korps until the tide .. Read more here.

B1530 figures
BEF infantry

British infantry of the BEF sent out to France  in 1939 consisted of a mix of regulars and territorial battalions. The equipment of early war British inf.. Read more here.

B1440 figures
British 17lb A/T

The 17lb anti tank gun was a formidable weapon in prepared defence as could be seen when German Panzer Divisions went over to the offensive in the Normandy campaign. The gun was capable of destroying heavy German armour at combat ranges and its low profil.. Read more here.

B61 gun with crew of 4
British 3 inch mortar

The 3 inch mortar was a standard infantry support weapon. Each Battalion had a support platoon containing 6 of these mortars transported in universal carriers. Note, Pithead does not use artillery crews for their mortars.

B72 guns with 3 crew each
British 6lb A/T

The 6lb anti tank gun was the standard infantry anti tank weapon . A support platoon of 6 guns was attached to each Battalion. These guns were towed into action by Loyd carriers and in Normandy they were issued with special Sabot ammunition capable of pen.. Read more here.

B52 guns with 3 crew each
British Company H.Q.

The HQ set of figures consists of 8 different figures officer with Sten gun, Radio man , Piat loader and gunner, Sniper , Spotter, 2 inch mortarman and a kneeling infantryman.

B88 figures in different positions
British Headquarters

Limited availability
B2413 figures with accessories
British Vickers MMG

The .303 Vickers medium machine gun was a reliable water cooled weapon with a good sustained rate of fire. Each Infantry Division had an Medium Machine Gun Battalion having three machine gun companies, each containing 3 platoons with 4 guns a platoon. The.. Read more here.

B22 MMG with crew
Late War British infantry North West Europe 1944 - 1945

The biggest cause of casualties in WW2 was  through mortar and artillery fire. Unlike other nations,  British infantry were sent into Normandy equipped with full size Spades and Pick axes so they coul.. Read more here.

B140 figures