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Pithead miniatures produce a range of metal models for WW2. The models are 1/150 scale and the figures are around 11.5 mm tall making them compatible with most other 10mm / 12mm manufactures.

Pithead is run as a part time enterprise. We make a lot of obscure loss making models which we will never see a return on because the small numbers we are likely sell will not pay us back our production costs. This is why you will never see these models produced by other companies because sensibly they cannot afford to lose money making them. We don't mind losing money making these models because Pithead is run as a hobby. Our regular customers appreciate this and support us in what we are doing by buying models from our entire range and not just those models that only Pithead make.

Pithead produce the largest and fastest expanding range of WW2 models thanks to the support of our many customers . In order to encourage new customers to help us make this range even bigger we have introduced a line of 'Limited Edition' models which are only available to customers who have paid for their production by supporting our ranges. This might seem a little discriminatory to some people and we are sorry if you feel this way but as a part time company there's nothing to be gained by us selling only loss making models to anyone . To become a supporting customer is not difficult, you only need to consider the common good of everybody else and enter into the spirit of what Pithead is trying to achieve, after all its in everybody's interest that the range continues to expand in the way it has.

Pithead Miniatures are grateful for the collaboration of Carl Abelins software company Core Applications Sweden AB in the presentation of these pages.

For information about the range, please e-mail Phil at