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Models in the Pipeline

Here we present models that are currently worked on and will be released in the future. You can not order thoose models yet.

The following units are close to release

Other upcoming units for World War 2

Finnish  French

Finnish and French Artillery.
Greek  Italian
Greek and Italian Artillery
Polish Artillery

  • Bersiaglieri motorcycle battalion troops


We are also working on some Spanish civil war figures and there are plans for Chinese and Japanese for Shanghai 1937
SPanish Nationalists
  • Spanish Nationalist Infantry
Spanish Republicans
  • Spanish Republican Infantry
  • Early war Japanese infantry 1937
  • Chinese Nationalist infantry (German equipment) 1937

Products marked as in the Pipeline

120 mm mortar

81 mm Brandt Mortar

81 mm Mortar

Belgian 75mm Bofors L24 gun

Belgium 76 mm FRC mortar

Finnish US Ford Truck

Hungarian Ford Truck

Motocycle Bersaglieri

Praga truck

R1 Tankette

Rumanian Ford truck

Dragons Porte infantry